Visual/Music Screening: February 1, 2012

 1st Feb 2012  at 7:30pm

LOOPBack Room

23 Meyers Place, Melbourne 3000 Australia

Entry $10/$5

Visual/Music Screenings:

Jim Denley, Warren Burt, Dan Senn

Justin Bradshaw/Brigid Burke

Andrew Thomson/Lloyd Barrett

Scott Morrison, Peter Jovanov

Live Performance:

Brigid Burke (Bass Clarinet, Laptop & live video projections),

Mark Pedersen (Laptop & live video projections)

A new media performance group which creates all original work through sound, live laptop, woodwind, improvisation and live video. They have built a repertoire of new works, collaboratively devised through performances and rehearsal that draws on free improvisation, noise music, algorithmic composition, and live video art.

Future events Wednesday  7th March &  Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Future screenings will feature Visual/Music by: Keneth Gabura/Warren Burt, Jason Haebich, Wendy Suiter/Elizabeth Eastland, Linda Walsh/Jon Drummond, Jacques Soddell, Ros Bandt, Pausa II and others.

Many thanks for all the submissions!

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