there were some amazing pieces in this edition, but perhaps the most stunning, both musically and visually was a collaboration between Glenn Henderson and Erik Griswold. The visual/music piece has to be experienced for the full impact, but here’s a brief description of the piece, plus some stills as a taster….

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The Lightness Matrix3: GRANDE SEARCH is introduced by a rocket journey to another planet. Our Planet’s newly restored scientific ambitions in outer space may be ‘possible’ or impossible’.  Yet these adventures of my heroine’s imagination, metaphors for life’s journey, leave definite footprints on the cold hard surface of another planet. Writers of stories, films and operas have reinterpreted legends through stories appropriate to their own time.  To tell this story I employ transitions reminiscent of puppet theatre although  the characters are more like scaled up figurines than puppets as they play out their  grand search until the curtains are drawn to a close and the story unfolds again.