ACMC 2021

As co-curators of SeenSound, we were delighted to be able to run a workshop at ACMC 2021, which introduces participants to both the concepts and the practice of visual music and audio-visual improv through engagement with historical examples and practical strategies for creating your own audio-visual performances.

The original goal was for an in person workshop, but we needed to shift to an online format. As result we’ve collected together some links and other material to enable people to explore the ideas of the workshop on their own – and with others as the opportunities emerge. The workshop will focus on a playful approach to technology and visual music concepts and we invite everyone to engage with a “beginner’s mind” while exploring the audiovisual space as a way of refreshing their own creative practice.

A recording of the workshop presentation will be added here in future.

Links to historical examples:

Visual Scores to explore – play over the top of the sound or just turn down the volume and follow the score alone:

We’ll continue to add more links and material here following the workshop.